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ROT'OX Editions

Games like the Chick Walk, OCCUPIED! and the Zwingenberg‘s Sledge Ride.

Wearables like the Art Shirt Just One Midget Makes No Summer.

Book-a-likes such as Oparticles, Unready - Ólokið and Eftir sem áður.

Liquids like the reading wine Original Zwingenberger.

ROT'OX lends

Large formats and singulars.

Pictures and objects that we give temporarily to good hands.

This applies also to nearly all →unica. For details, see there.
Lending even bears →advantages.

Edition ROT'OX

Since the Book Fair 2011 there is

and the learning, picture and memory game MINNI.
In unlimited edition.

ROT'OX Unica

Assemblages Art Lollies, Art in a Box and Emmations RED.

Pictures, e.g. of the Emmations WHITE and BLACK as well as of the Four Seasons 2009.

Objects Cucumber Saints, Art in the Bucket and of the Four Seasons.